Architect and Assistant Professor of Urban Planning 

Marco Facchinetti, PhD, is an architect and assistant professor of urban planning at Polytechnic of Milano (DASTU), visiting professor at State University of New York at Albany (NY) and guest to many others including University of Michigan and University of Miami.

During his research and studies he has been involved in national and international researches programs, always focusing on the physical transformations of urban spaces and architectures, following the growth and the changes of contemporary cities. Above all, he studies the way physical spaces express the way people live and the way urban uses connect and interact. His focus is in the understanding of the processes of making the city and its parts, studying the relations between plans and actions, ideas and decisions, dreams and reality.

He is responsible of workshops of urban planning at Politecnico di Milano and he is actively involved in many important processes of planning for urban regeneration and urban development, in Italy and in the US, providing a new way to see urban transformations as opportunities to redevelop parts of cities. He believes that the best investment, for a better human living, is in forms, urban and human, connecting the way people dress, act, play to the way spaces can dress their lives.

He is member of: 

American Planning Association

Congress of New Urbanism 

American Institute of Architects (International member)

Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica INU - Italia

Società Italiana Urbanisti SIU - Italia